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Package org.macroing.cit.messaging

Provides the API for CIT Messaging.

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Package org.macroing.cit.messaging Description

Provides the API for CIT Messaging.

CIT Messaging is a library for creating arbitrary messaging systems.

This library mainly provides the abstractions upon which you build your messaging system. This means that you will either have to use an existing extension of it, or build your own, in order to use it. Only a few concrete classes are available for use.

Concept Overview

To use this library, you need to understand the concepts provided. So here follows an overview of the concepts.


The following example demonstrates how you can use this library.

 MyMessaging myMessaging = new MyMessaging();
 myMessaging.addMessagingObserver(new MyMessagingObserver());
 myMessaging.getMessageChannel().addMessageChannelObserver(new MyMessageChannelObserver());
 myMessaging.getMessageChannel().addMessageFilter(new MyMessageFilter());
 myMessaging.getMessageChannel().addMessageHandler(new MyMessageHandler());
 myMessaging.getMessageChannel().addMessageTranslator(new MyMessageTranslator());
 myMessaging.getMessageChannel().sendMessage(new MyMessage("Hello, World!"));

Official Extensions

The official extensions of this library will be listed below.

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